Michigan State University to use XP3 Presentation Builder and XP3 Data Tools to give students hands-on experience and a real-world view of consumer goods manufacturing and retailing

New York, NY (March 13, 2007) -Interactive Edge, award-winning provider of data analysis and presentation solutions, today announced a partnership with Michigan State University’s Department of Advertising, Public Relations, & Retailing to provide software, data and expertise to students majoring in Retailing and Food Industry Management. Beginning March of 2007, Interactive Edge will present relevant topics to students in a classroom setting, and will provide students with its flagship software, XP3 Presentation Builder and XP3 Data Tools.

Today’s job market is a competitive one, and to give students an edge, its imperative to supplement book learning with hands-on experience and exposure to industry experts. At Michigan State University, we are aggressively working to provide this edge to our students by partnering with industry leaders, said Dr. Geoffrey Pofahl, Assistant Professor at Michigan State University. Interactive Edge is an organization on the forefront of technology in the Consumer Goods Retailing and Manufacturing arena. The fact that their software tools are designed to be used by business users with varying degrees of technical knowledge makes this organization a great fit for the university environment.

XP3 Presentation Builder and XP3 Data Tools give business users the ability to quickly and easily transform data into insight at the point of impacting front of a buyer or other audience, directly in Microsoft Office. I think tools like ours are a great way to get students thinking about the real business goals of applying information in a persuasive way, without getting bogged down doing the grunt work of massaging data and working through complicated information systems, said Brian Yarnell, Director of Product Management at Interactive Edge. We feel that Michigan State University is helping to drive the Consumer Goods Retailing/Manufacturing industry forward by providing its students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to become the leaders of tomorrow. Were proud to be part of that.

About XP3 Presentation Builder and XP3 Data Tools Turning Data into Revenue

XP3 Presentation Builder is a set of business-user-friendly tools that maximize ROI on data investments. XP3 Presentation Builder leverages organizations existing expertise in Microsoft Office, allowing end-users to create, present and distribute dynamic, data-driven Microsoft PowerPoint presentations against virtually any source of data. XP3 Presentation Builder also contains an intuitive framework to create and distribute best-practices within Microsoft PowerPoint, and the ability to automatically generate multiple, complete data-driven Microsoft PowerPoint decks based on iterative business logic.

XP3 Data Tools provides a highly efficient, scalable solution to load and manage virtually any source of data for use with XP3’s front-end tools with no need for custom configuration or coding. XP3 Data Tools provides both the ability to extract value from any source of data, and the framework to make the process simple, consistent, and repeatable. XP3 Data Tools works on industry standard databases and OLAP platforms, and scales from individual users machines to enterprise applications with thousands of end-users.

About Michigan State University

Known internationally as a major U.S. public university with global reach, Michigan State University has been advancing knowledge and transforming lives through innovative teaching, research, and outreach for over 150 years. MSU is a member of the Association of American Universities, the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges, and the Big Ten athletic conference.

About Interactive Edge

Interactive Edge LLC develops and markets data solutions designed to put the right information, in the right hands, at the right time. The company’s flagship solution, the award-winning XP3 Suite, combines a powerful data analysis engine with flexible end-user tools to summarize and illustrate useful, compelling information on demand; and has proven itself highly effective as a point-of-impact solution for distributed sales and management teams. Interactive Edge is a Microsoft Certified Partner and a SAP Certified Integration Partner. The Company is the recipient of multiple Consumer Goods Technology awards, including Best in Class for Sales Force Automation & Analytics and #1 in Customer Experience, for two consecutive years. Headquartered in New York, NY, customers include Cadbury-Schweppes Americas Beverages, OSRAM Sylvania, and many Fortune 500 consumer goods and services providers.