NEW YORK (October 25, 2011) – Interactive Edge customer Georgia-Pacific is honored for their speed to insights, empowered by XP3 Data Analysis and Reporting Solutions.

Georgia Pacific can deliver insights with great speed; a game changer in today’s marketplace. The company uses a solution from Interactive Edge, which can tackle any database, delivering graphics and support elements to create a compelling reason for a retailer to listen and agree. Georgia-Pacific can then generate retailer level analyses where 80 percent of the insight can be done in just minutes. Overall, analysts can now focus on the development of new insights as well as develop other best practices that grow value for retail customers, the consumer and the Georgia-Pacific without increasing headcount.

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About Interactive Edge

Interactive Edge is a leader in data analysis and presentation software for streamlining the retail selling process, Category Management and related disciplines.

The company is known for its set of business intelligence tools that are integrated with Microsoft Office and provide business users the ability to leverage multiple data sources to create, distribute and apply best practice analytics in persuasive PowerPoint presentations and Excel reports.

Interactive Edge solutions are used by some of the largest Consumer Goods Companies in the world. Interactive Edge Headquarters are located in New York City.

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