These days, using Excel is an essential part of the business world. If you find yourself struggling with this program, you need to take it upon yourself to learn some helpful tips and tricks. You’ll find your work day is much more efficient when you can easily navigate Excel.

Even if you have used Excel successfully in the past, you might not be getting as much out of it as you can. As long as you implement some basic shortcuts into your work, your proficiency with Excel will increase dramatically.

Here are a few tips that will help you better use Excel:

  • Go to the end of a data range: You can skip right down to the end of your data range by using the control button and the arrow keys. This will allow you to move seamlessly throughout your work to the numbers you want to specifically highlight.
  • Jump between worksheets: To go from spreadsheet to spreadsheet, use the control button, or either page up or page down. This will let you skip between worksheets to get right to the data that you would like to highlight.
  • Select necessary information: Hit the control button along with the shift and arrow keys. Once you scroll, the entire page will be highlighted, so you can copy and paste all of your information at once.

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