If current trends continue, the future of marketing will be defined by direct engagement with consumers, rather than wider brand promotion.

A recent report by the Association of National Advertisers and PQ Media U.S. Brand Activation Marketing Forecast concluded that investment in shopper marketing is expected to rise by 5.8 percent, to a total of $18.6 billion. This increase is relevant because it would actually mark more rapid growth than that seen in total brand marketing spending.

Another report, this one compiled by GfK and the ANA, explored the rise of shopper marketing in greater detail and concluded that many retailers have found that assigning a dedicated team to this area makes them more competitive. It has also allowed the practice of shopper marketing to change and become more strategic. Rather than focusing almost exclusively on improving interactions at the point of sale, marketing teams are building omnichannel approaches that will reach customers at multiple points – especially on their mobile devices. They can not only sell shoppers on certain goods in-store, but also keep them engaged in the long run to better influence their shopping behavior.

The report also found that most organizations have yet to fund their shopper marketing branches to their satisfaction. There is clearly still a great deal of potential for growth in this area.

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